No one ever asks the right questions.

First Sentances

I’m bored, and I thought maybe it would be interesting to see all of these in a row. They don’t give much away, so I don’t feel too bad about letting you see them.  If there is even a you to speak of.

Divine Wars Prequel 1: The Nature of Temptation – “In the beginning there was light.”

Divine Wars Prequel 2: Lusifyr Risen – “My name is Arazorn rae á Bloii Aerdaen á Leadaen Lusifyr divinely ordained king of the second world, and I remember my death as clearly as if it was yesterday.”

Divine Wars 1: Stripped of Darkness – “There was something rather compelling, he decided, about a good story.”

Divine Wars 2: Fire and Ice – “In all of my existence, I have never been more distraught than in this moment.”

Nightlife: A Year and a Day – “When I entered to Blood Rose, a drunken, broken man, I didn’t realize that this night would come with it my chance at freedom.”

Nightlife: Minutes to Midnight – “Blood. That blessed substance which rules our life, which run through our veins and guards against the cold hands of death.”

Nightlife: The Ballad of Alice – “In dreams, the mind becomes a cold and senseless thing with no real means of logical thought, or process.”

Nightlife: The Raven – “She was easily the most powerful, deadly and beautiful creature Seth had ever seen.”

Nightlife: A Dead Life – “The game was easy for those that knew how to play it, and Nikolai de Night had had years of practice to learn how to do just that.”

Stephanie’s Story: “I, Stephanie Grey, do so submit these words to the page in hopes that it shall travel farther than I.”

Moonlight Reign: “Dreams flashed in front her eyes, memories and bloody visions.”

In Black and White: “It was interesting how the light of the mid-afternoon sun glinted off of the sparkling river, the rocks glinting like hidden diamonds, the crimson sky burned from the scorching August sun.”

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