No one ever asks the right questions.

My Library

Current books I’m reading, and a few I want to read (in other words, the books I’m begging my grandma to buy me). Will be updated occasionally.

Secret Vampire by LJ Smith: Fun to reread. Poppy and James are the best couple in the series, in my opinion, and the first three- strike that, four- books in the series are probably the best. Oh, man, well, I guess five because Quinn is the best guy character in the universe because when he falls in love he doesn’t become a total sap like most of the other ones had.

The Fury by LJ Smith: The copy I have is of The Fury and the Dark Reunion, but I don’t like the fourth part nearly as much as the third. The first in the series, I believe, is The Awakening.

The Forbidden Game Trilogy by LJ Smith: Amazing book, I felt so sorry for Julian at the end…it’d be lovely if there was more.

Peeps and The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld: There’s really not much I can say about this one. Great story, but I liked the second one better than the first. Each was very interesting in it’s storytelling, especially all the…gulp…disturbing facts in the first one. I got my e-mail address from this series.

Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld: Once again, not the first in the series, it’s the third. The first would be The Secret Hour. Regardless, this is definitely my favorite of the three.

The Redemption of Athalus by David Eddings and Leigh Eddings: My favorite fantasy book to read and reread. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve read this book, but if you saw my copy you’d understand. Great characters, great plot, great wit. I have yet to find it’s equal.

Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind: I’ve read this book too many times. It’s arguably the best book in the series, but the last few are so freaking convincing that I doubted my sanity for a while. I was quite convinced that the first eight books had been a hallucination. I love Richard at the end, though, as well. He’s a strong, badass character through the whole of the series, and he never wavers, which is a refreshing alternative to all the dumbass stuff that some of the characters I’ve read about do.

Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice: I would say Interview with the Vampire as well, but Louis is a bit too whiny for my taste. Lestat is much cooler. But, beware, the only book I’ve been able to read in the series beyond these was The Tale of the Body Thief, and that was after much pestering from my friend. I gave up on the Devil Memnoch. I slapped myself so many times in the head that I got a headache.

The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George

“The Warlock’s Hairy Heart” from Tales of the Beetle Bard by J.K. Rowling

City of Bones/Ashes/Glass by Cassandra Clare: Simply spectacular series, and I don’t know how I can explain exactly how much I’m in love with the characters. Love Simon, love Jace, and I can’t wait for City of Fallen Angels. Amazing!

Bloodline by Kate Cary: I really liked this book for some reason. It just struck a chord in me, probably for the same reason that Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Darkside did. I fell in love with John, and him being badass at the end was so cool to me. But, than again, I have a thing for the bad boys.

Thirst pt. 1 by Christopher Pike: I loved this book and the whole idea behind it…if the ending never happened. I’m pretending that it didn’t, and if I don’t read the next book, I’m pretty sure I can keep up my denial.

House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast: Wonderful plot, fun characters, but Zoey, come on. Get a grip. She has more boyfriends at once than I’ve had my entire life. Three? Seriously. Pick one. Soon. Preferably Stark he’s the only one that’s not a complete jerk all the time.

Twilight [and the rest] by Stephanie Meyer: Boy am I an idiot for forgetting this one. I’m quite depressed that I lent out my copy and never got it back. I really want to read it again. In my opinion though, the best is Breaking Dawn, then Twilight, then New Moon, then Eclipse, in that order.

Demon in My View and Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes:  The first is basically every writer’s dream come true, and plus Aubrey is just amazing. The world is wonderful and obviously well developed, but my main qualm is that the books are written to accomplish plot only. There is no developing characters, or true backstory, or hardcore detail. I feel like I was cheated at the end of them, because it feels like reading a script and not a book. I can’t visualize anything.  There’s not enough backstory! Shattered Mirror was a great plotline, and I loved Nikolas and Kristopher by the end of it, but I was so freaking confused at everything. I wanted to know more, and I never got it, which was depressing.

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