No one ever asks the right questions.


My Book Is Online

Yay! My book(s) is now online. Or it will be when it’s aproved, which I’m hoping it will. I’ll add it to my links if I do, but I’m holding out for it. Hope you like it, and now I’m going to update some of the other pages…

Vulgar Language

I have this problem with people and swearing. Maybe it’s the way that I was raised, but I honestly don’t believe that horrible language is a sign of being uneducated. To me it means being unafraid of those that would ridicule you for using such language. And anyone who writes must know that if you have a rather rough character, it wouldn’t be accurate without vulgar language. Like my character Mat, for instance. He frequently gets drunk and hangs around some illegal casinos in the darker parts of town. He, unlike my other characters, is not really afraid of his language hurting others feelings, because it would only be childish to go “OMG, you swored!” (As many people in my school have done when I’ve said something vulgar, it’s been done before.) He’d scoff at them, and continue on his way. It’s in his very nature, for a very, very, very long time he’s been in contempt for others’ ignorance and others’ arrogance. It’s not quite the way I feel about it, but it’s very similar.

Enough with the ranting about Mat’s feelings about swearing, and getting on with mine. Too many adults, I see, think that swearing is one of the worst things on the planet. While the smart ones edit their language around teachers, the others don’t even bother. Those that don’t bother, I find, are swearing more of ignorance then of contempt. Those that do- a fair few, I find- either swear occasionally when angry, or know enough not to hurt the teachers with “vulgar” language. I want an English major, but I swear. I find in order to write about a character that swears, I need to at least have some experience in comfortably swearing.

Sorry. End of rant.

I’m also reading, in case anyone felt they needed an update (does anyone beside me and Lily read this, anyway?), Dante’s Inferno, which I’ve heard was very good. That’s what I get for having an English teacher as a mother, I guess. A hunger for the classics…


I’ve been writing a little bit, to my intense relief, but haven’t really gotten an immense amount of work done. So I’ve been working on how to get from point A to point B (otherwise known as the plot) in the series, and I’ve been updating the website a bit. I changed my header, which I really like right now, as well as my pen name again. I’ve counted, this is the 5th time I’ve done so. It was first Sadde Hawke, then once I realized how much that sounded like Sadie Hawkins, I changed it to Sadde Raven, then to Sadde Morgan, after I started freaking out about the name Morgan. Then I got into Irish myths, and Morrigan Black was born. I had already had Maureen Shade set aside as something I could change my current birth name too, when I’m older and I’ve thought more about it. So, I figured, why should the two stay separate? I was debating on whether or not to loose the Morrigan with my pen name, and I was struggling to find a suitable last name for the second name. Then it clicked, and now I love it.

Watch. It two weeks I’ll change it to something else.

Besides that, I’ve been thinking about starting up the 2nd book of Divine Wars for about the twentieth time this month (which is saying something, because it’s the only the 2nd of the month). I have mentioned in the past that it’s better then the first one? Because I’m saying it again: the second Devine Wars is much much better than the first, but I have to say the first is improving, as is my writing skills. I think the Social Studies teacher at my school will be a little afraid of the complex anologies and vocabulary I put into my latest paper, but I guess that’s what gets you into a good college.

Procrastination (It’s an Art Form)

I’ve been writing every night for… I’m going to say a week and a half. I have no desire to right this minute, nor did I yesterday. But I was looking over this book seires I’m thinking about reading, Anita Blake in Guilty Pleasures by Laurell Hamilton, and I looked at an interview with her on B& It seems she, like every other writer I’ve looked at, says that you have to write every day, no matter if your in the mood or not. So, knowing this, I’m planning on writing again later tonight. Or maybe when this post is over, I haven’t decided yet, and I honestly just want to sit around and do nothing. I mean, come on, it’s Saturday!

Well, at least tomorrow I’m going to my nearest B&N (I would prefer a Borders, but we don’t have one for miles around. B&N is far enough away for my grandparents), and getting some books on creating worlds, if I can find them. I should be looking up the names and authors of those books, but again, I’m procrastinating, and I want to watch Interview with the Vampire (or maybe that’s just an excuse, again.)

Sigh. I should go and write. Or maybe I’ll play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 or The Frustration Game 2. Or maybe I’ll write like I’m suposed to. Ugh.

Writing Tips

I realize I’m not the most experienced writer the world has ever seen, nor the best- not even close. I shutter to think of anyone claiming that title, least of all me. But to continue on to what I was saying before. Scott Westerfield has some good writing tips on his website, as well as his wife: Justine Larbalestier, I’ve taken both to heart and actually used a lot of there idea’s to organize. Other than that, I stole a few ideas to define my characters from  Stephenie Meyer’s website, like the playlists and writing in another character’s perspective. I also really like how she set up her website, so when (And if, you can’t forget the if) my book get’s published, I’ll set up my character theme’s page as well as there bios and some extra scenes I write for fun. I doubt I’ll get any real money for my book- but it would be weird if became like, a bestseller though. Absurd to even think about.

I’m getting sidetracked. I was talking about writing tips. Well, I haven’t written very much in my enormously short lifetime, but what I have written, I have done so from start to finish. It’s a hell of a way to write, but I simply can’t skip around. In fact, I have no idea how other writers manage to do so. It would be really fun if I could, but then my ideas for the story would get changed around as I went along, and when I got there I couldn’t use anything of the peice I’d have written. No. I prefer to experience my writing in the way it was meant to be told. Maybe I simply read to much, and I’m not used to having every answer to my character’s problems. In anycase, I have a long ways to go before I can start explaining how I write. I barely know how I write. I’m still trying to figure it out.

Slow Work…

I’ve decided, though I’ve been working as much as I can lately on Devine, From the Dark I think I’ll start working more on Retribution then the former. But then again, I should probably finish book 1 before I move on to 2… It’s slow work writing a book.

Well, beside the fact that I have no desire to write right this second, I still have homework to do. Ugh. Back to the books: the confusing, dry ones, not the good ones.

Back from the dead (so to speak)

Haha! And you thought I was dead, didn’t you? Or, if you’re like me, you could be thinking. “She thinks people won’t read this think, just is letting it die…”. Well I thought about it. A lot. I actually decided I was for a while, but then I went on some other writer girl’s blog and thought: “Huh. This is kind of cool. Weird, but cool. I’ve got to get me one of these!”

And then I recalled: Huh, I do have one of these. And came back on here. So, I’m bored out of my mind to the point of writing about by new ideas (and my revamped old ones) on here for you people to look at.

The one I’m working on now, Divine, From the Dark (otherwise known as Stripped of Darkness. I changed the title.) has so much that needs to be done, I don’t know where to start on it. So I’ve been trying to work on Divine, Retribution (otherwise known as Reclusive, the sequel. I changed that title too.) And that one is a lot harder when you really don’t know what’s going to happen in the first one, so that going quite sluggishly.

And Moonlight Reign (no title change there), is going well, much better than the other, but I’ve decided to reconstruct the first…fifty pages or so, which leads me to groan with the very thought of writing it. (Too bad, because I really want to sometimes.)

And so, with two on standby, it leaves only the Werewolf Games (the other one got scrapped pretty quickly). And the Werewolf Games is a very long story. I had an idea for a vampire book a long long time ago, but put it on standby until I got older (so I don’t screw it up, because I will if I write it now) that I called Origin. Both books, I found, could quite easily fit together. So, I decided to put them together, along with another vampire book I just thought up.

So, now, I have three series’. Divine Wars, Moonlight, and Nightlife (in order) and I’m happy with them all. Two of which, can be adapted with either new characters or old ones. Nightlife has all different main characters, but the side characters are simply old main characters. For instance, Connor, the king of the vampires (so to speak, it’s more complicated than that) is the main character in Origin, yet in Werewolf Games and The Dead Life, he’s a great side character that comes up a lot. Just like the main character, Nikolai, in The Dead Life, ended up being in The Werewolf Games and part of Origin. But in Moonlight you have completely different characters, but in the same world. Except in one, that’s basically a sequel to Moonlight Reign, picking up where the character left off twenty years earlier. But anyway, I ramble, and have taken up enough of you peoples’ time already.

What is Elipsis?

Well, Elipsis is in a movie I saw once and is code for a keypad number to get in the inside of the back room in an airport and then blow something up like every movie must. [EDIT: I now know, after an English class or two, exactly what an elipsis is really: it’s the ‘…’ between slow moving thoughts or ideas. Huh. I use a lot of those too…] But I just thought the name sounded cool, so it’s my code for something I’ve made sinse I had started writing. It’s a collection of random phrases from movies or books, both mine and others, that give insperation when blended together. Sort of like a music video only with words and not music.

Logos, Pictures and other colorful subjects

Okay. I haven’t been on in god knows how long but I have an excuse (no I don’t, but just smile and pretend I know what I’m talking about.) and lots of rants. First off, I worked on a new cover for my books. Just an idea then I’ve been working on. Nothing to serious. Might blend it into the sequel for Werewolf Games though.

Not titled. I thank all of the wonderful people at photobucket for allowing a maniac like me on the website to make these things for. And plus I have absolutely no idea where I found these (I don’t write the names down) and even if I did, I know photoshop well enough to know that I’ll never know who to thank anyway. So, if you drew one of these- whoever you are- I thank you. The girl up on the top laying backwards, she reminds me of the girl in the top left (blurry I know, but best I can do) and so, they are supposed to be the same person. Kind of. But for all normal purposes, yes, it’s the same girl. The one on the bottom left in the water is Morrigan. I stick her there after I realized that the characters could totally fit into the sequel I’m planning. (And in case you didn’t know, Morrigan was the main character in The Werewolf Games) The punk girl in the bottom right hand corner, her name is Rymona and to put it lightly she’s a bitch. But she’s a cool bitch in any case. (Happens to be my favorite character actually) The one next to her in the long dress is another girl named Valerie (But that’s not what people call her, her nickname’s Reed), and the one laying on the stars is Raven. The cool chick. The heroine (Funny how the main character isn’t the heroine.) and the guy in the upper left, his name is Chase. Or was. Or maybe still is. I haven’t decided yet. It’s up for debate.

Anyway, I was oober bored on Easter so I sat there and made this. And it’s not one of my best one’s either. No comparison to Stripped of Darkness:

Or Fable:

Or Reclusive (Which honestly needs to get editied):

Or even the first Moonlight Reign (Back when it was children of Reno):

Which also needs editing, but I guess that’s life. And keep in mind that Stripped of Darkness (Reclusive is it’s sequel) was the first one I did, while Moonlight Reign was the second. And Fable being the latest before throwing together the top one.Speaking of pictures I need to go and find some new pictures of anime characters. I’m percariously close to using the same characters more than once. (I probably already did on some of the other ones too) I sure spend enough time there, looking for more to add to my one million icons collection (I sort them into the different series’ they apply too. No dissing, Lily does it too.) Anything really to avoid writing more. I’ve hit a dead end again, and I want to work on Reclusive again like I’m supposed to be doing. And… Jeez, did I really do that bad a job of covering up Caleb’s shirt? [stares in shock] ouch. Thank god I’m not using that one anymore. Where is that anyway? I’ll have to go search my computer again… Anyway, you’ve gotten your update and I don’t feel guilty anymore. I’d better go work on elipsis (more on that later) and I’ll get back to being an idiot later.

The search for an MP3 Player…

My MP3 player is in MP3 player heaven. Me and Lily kind of… killed it. I had a Creative Zen V Plus, and it was really really cool. But my reset button was off center a bit, and we were trying to reset it because it froze. But then there was this weird flas of red light of the screen and it refused to turn on again. So, instead of sending it in like most people would, my grandma instead offered to get me another one. Well we couldn’t find another one, so we got this instead. I don’t perticularly like it. It’s not much my style, and I told my grandma this (when she was in a good mood, I made sure.) she said that she’d keep it and we’d buy my old one again. She sent me on the quest ot find it on her favorite website, HSN and I did (as you see in the first link.) But right before that I found this. This one seems much better. It’s got a bigger screen, an expansion slot, a longer battery life, and a  recorder. How cool is that? And, to make things better, with the same memory as my last one, it’s cheaper. So I figured that when my grandma cools down, I’ll tell her. (She had blown up at my great-grandmother a few minutes before. I figured it would be best to just stay away.) Of course, me being me, I had let it slip just a bit early. But hey, when she completely cools down I’ll be able to get it.