No one ever asks the right questions.

Short Stories

As you must know from reading my blog, I am extremely long winded. Ever since I was a child everything I though up for my stories was completely surrounded in a knot of complex relationships as well as double crossing siblings, deadly girlfriends, stupid secrets, and insane plots. It’s what I do best. Though most of the things that I write are meant to be long, they never get completely finished for multiple reasons. Usually it’s because I realize that It’s too much like a book or movie I’ve just read, or because I suddenly realize exactly how stupid the plot is, or even because it would fit perfectly as background information or for some sort of sub-plot in a bigger story I already had planned. Many of my books are a mish-mosh of all the different ideas I’ve had. It’s what makes it so interesting.

But, as you can imagine, making books this complex makes it incredibly difficult to write short stories. Even in my notebook I carry around at school, which is supposed to consist of little sections of scenes and conversations, has two to four pages devoted to each. Some would be long if I didn’t rush the endings to fit into the thing. The point is, I have trouble staying on task when I write shorter stories. It always ends up evolving into a bigger and better story that I’ll end up making a few hundred pages long, while I already have enough stories on my plate.

So, for the past few years, I’ve been avoiding writing short stories. They’re way to small for me, and I never end up feeling done with the characters when I finish the story. Somehow I want to continue on to see what they’ll do next. Even in the past few years I’ve had way to many things to write at once, so I’ve always tried to keep away from writing things short.

But last year I was aproached by the teacher who ran the newspaper club and asked if I would write a small story to fit into the paper. It was in middle school, and nobody ended up reading the thing anyway. Besides this, it was usually four pages tops. I hadn’t written anything that short that wasn’t meant to be at least fifty pages. Nervous though I was, I agreed and later that week I sat in front of my computer, trying desperately to figure out something anything to write about.

And thus, The Immortal was born. It ended up being short enough to fit in the paper (though it took up most of the space, but I think he was quite releved to have the space taken up anyway. The people who worked on the newspaper were not exactly the best writers in the world) and luckily people actually read it. Not many, grant you, but some. Because of that a friend of mine, Sarah, is eagerly waiting for one of my books to read. She’s currently agreed to being stuck in my vampire novel with two others: Katie and Alexis.

Because of this, I’ve been trying with difficulty to write another short story. Though I haven’t been sucessful with it so far, I’m hoping to get The Immortal published in a magazine, and have been searching online for some place to so just that. It’s rather long-winded, and not spectacularly good, so I don’t know if it will, but I’m going to try. And be sure that once I have another short story written, this place will be the first place it will go.

So, hopefully you’ll all enjoy The Immortal and all those that follow it. They are on the links below this page’s link.

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