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Looking Through Old Accounts

I was rifling through my account on blogger from like, forever ago, and found some really funny stuff. My friend and I are weird. Really weird. I mean, on crack weird. But of course, Lily-wa is a very strange person even without drugs. Me too. And, so, I’m sitting here in my English class, goofing off, and reminiscing about me and Lily-wa in early middle school. Funny stuff there. Weird memories.

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing to do, and now that Lily-wa is staring at the screen like it’s a time warp. I have to watch what I’m typing around her. She had a very sarcastic remark to just about anything I can say. AND she tends to act like my grandmother, picking out the smallest frigging type-o and pointing it out to me. Wow, she’s ANNOYING. But in a good way. If that’s possible. Which I think it is. Maybe.

By the way, before I go off on another tangent or before class is over, I would like to mention where I got the -la and -wa thing at the end of Lily’s name. Once again, Scott Westerfield pulls through and is continually awesome. Me and my friends are going to start using it now. And, oh, I’m so special as to get a -la name. YAY!!!!