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More Thoughts (and pictures)

Something I forgot to add in the previous post: because of that dream, I’m now trying my best to not let certain areas touch each other. No two books about werewolves (on Earth anyway, Moonlight Reign was the exception) no two books about vampires, no two books about gods. Even, in one instance (and possibly more, knowing me) certain characters will guest star in other series. (In Black and White is a motherload of those kinds of things, and I like to reuse my characters.) I mention this because it’ll come back in a minute.

So anyway, I’m incredibly pensive today, and it’s almost ten in the morning. I was also thinking more about “what-if” senarios, and many more little ideas I’ve had on the side, and wondering which should I resurect and which should I not.

Take Werewolf Games for example. Good plot, good characters. It was written alright, but it needs a facelift. And another thing. Going with the thing I mentioned above, the rule that no two races shall appear in different series, this one blows that idea out of the water. The werewolf and vampire mythology is completely different, too, so much so that I can’t fix it to fit in Nightlife with the rest of my stories. The only way I can really get away with it is if I give the story to one of the Rebellion Writers, and they can do with it what they want. But, again, the stroy itself wouldn’t be written. What happens after her story ends will be written, which kind of defeats the purpose. So, really, The Werewolf Games will never see daylight, dispite it’s awesomeness. Maybe I’ll post it on here, and the few people that gift this blog with an appearance can give me some idea of how to keep it alive. Until, then, I think it should be scraped.

In Black and White is being resurected. It needs major surgeory, though, before it can even stay awake for more than a few minutes. So much so, I’m keeping the characters and changing almost everything else. This one is my attempt at Science Fiction, and with the changes it should be alright.

Um…let’s see here. Corrigan’s Story is on the brink. It breeches into demon territory, and that scares me a bit. It requires a little bit more detication and research then I’m used to. So I don’t know. He’s cool enough where I might.

Then there’s thousands of possible backstories to be worked upon for Divine Wars. So many I know I wouldn’t be able to write them all. I could write about the rise and fall of Arazorn the Dark, I could write about…a certain character’s falling out with his brother…of Magnus’s journey to Comatas and ultimately Earth…the list never ends. So Divine Wars will never die, thankfully, and of that I am greatful. I’m even think about, when the series is done, to take another one of their incarnations and set them off on another adventure.

Then, just looking at the Nightlife vampire family tree I’ve been working on since I first thought up the book, there are hundreds more to go on in that series, and thousands more that could be done that I still need to add. And this is excluding the large amount of werewolves, which could also have a lot of potential.

Speaking of werewolves, I drew an awesome picture last night. It’s of a girl with long white hair, her hands folded as if she’s praying, her back to the viewer. Her black dress is wripped open, with claw marks on her back. She looks fiercely sad, which unfortunatly I couldn’t capture in my version.

 Original vs. Mine


Books and iPods

Alrightie. Have you been having a good summer so far? I certainly have. I went to  the Renaissance fair last weekend and got myself one of those big wooden practice swords from the Middle Ages. It’s awesome. Me and my brother have taken to hitting each other with out new weapons out in the backyard (he got a staff for about a fourth of the price of mine that is cheep when we fight). My mom got some awesome jewelry- stuff that you’d find in the Pyramid Collection catalogue. A slave’s bracelet, for one, which just might be my favorite piece of jewelry in existence. We all got henna tattoos, too. Mine is a lotus, on my collarbone, my brother’s is a sea horse  on the back of his wrist (as he so often tells me “Look, I can make it swim!” and wiggles his hand), and my mother’s is two dragons intertwined into a heart, in between her shoulder blades.  His got the darkest, and I’m a little jealous. Mine is fading already…

And today I’ve finally gotten an iPod to replace my broken MP3 player. It’s so pretty, and black, and I can’t wait to to start using it. Update on books: I’m adding the pictures of characters for In Black and White, and the premise of it. Because really, you don’t have any idea what in Black and White is, do you?

When I get around to it I’ll add more music to the music page. Like “Burn it to the Ground” and “The Fire Breathers” and “Kill Me, Heal Me”, etc. I’ve been exploring music a lot lately. I’m really enjoying the new Nickelback CD.

On that note, there’s the book I’m really looking forward to getting and devouring. I’ll tell you the story that I told Lily. I was researching Norse runes on the Internet, trying to figure out what they looked like and meant and how I could configure them. So, naturally, I went on photobucket, like usual, and searched for them. I found one really cool picture of runes and their basic meanings [see bottom of post], and notices that at the top it said “Mortal Instruments”. I was kind of curious, and I noticed that this person had an entire folder called “Mortal Instruments”. I started to look through it, and I realized that it was a series of books which just happened to have City of Bones as it’s first. This was really weird, though, because constantly lily is asking me if I think it’s worth reading. And, me being me, I had decided by the cover art that it probably wasn’t that great. That was before I saw this user’s fangirl collection of icons and pictures of Jace. I don’t know who Jace is, haven’t read jack in the series (alright, that’s a lie, I’ve read the first two chapters while I was admiring it in the store, but that was after the fact), don’t know anything about the series. Yet  just by the icons, I am absolutely in love with the guy. Moreso than Edward, moreso than James, moreso than Delos, moreso than Lestat…AH!!! So now I’m dying to buy the book.

And that is the end of my ranting.


NaNoWriMo and Cainredeemed

Haven’t been here in a while, too busy with my finals (which I’ll have in about an hour, I’m doing this on the school computer) and last night I was procrastinating majorly to write and to study. I was searching on google things to use for world building, which is not my strongest suit when it comes to writing. I came across this. It looks extremely helpful for some of my High Fantasy works. So I was going through it, and over and over I came across something called NaNoWriMo (try saying that a couple of times really really fast).

So it started to bug me. What the hell was NaNoWriMo? So I googled it, (gotta love google)  and I came across this. So I started to surf the place, trying to figure out what exactly it was and what would happen if I did decide to join it.

It turns out that NaNoWriMo is a kind of game you play with yourself, where you ty to write 50,000 words from November 1st to November 30th. I was kind of shocked. Who in there right mind could write that much in a month? And then I went under the winners. There are 725 pages worth of them. 725 pages worth of people who wrote over 50,000 words. That’s 1,643,343,993 words last year alone. What the hell…? So I reluctantly signed up. So don’t bug me in November this year. I haven’t exactly decided what I’ll actually be writing, though, and I’m considering rewriting In Black and White from scratch. I had been planning to give it major reconstructive surgery anyway, so why not try it this time?

And the second part of the title! Cainredeemed is the username of one of my best friends on here. He’s writing something too. Go check it out! Please! He’s awesome!