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NaNoWriMo and Cainredeemed

Haven’t been here in a while, too busy with my finals (which I’ll have in about an hour, I’m doing this on the school computer) and last night I was procrastinating majorly to write and to study. I was searching on google things to use for world building, which is not my strongest suit when it comes to writing. I came across this. It looks extremely helpful for some of my High Fantasy works. So I was going through it, and over and over I came across something called NaNoWriMo (try saying that a couple of times really really fast).

So it started to bug me. What the hell was NaNoWriMo? So I googled it, (gotta love google)  and I came across this. So I started to surf the place, trying to figure out what exactly it was and what would happen if I did decide to join it.

It turns out that NaNoWriMo is a kind of game you play with yourself, where you ty to write 50,000 words from November 1st to November 30th. I was kind of shocked. Who in there right mind could write that much in a month? And then I went under the winners. There are 725 pages worth of them. 725 pages worth of people who wrote over 50,000 words. That’s 1,643,343,993 words last year alone. What the hell…? So I reluctantly signed up. So don’t bug me in November this year. I haven’t exactly decided what I’ll actually be writing, though, and I’m considering rewriting In Black and White from scratch. I had been planning to give it major reconstructive surgery anyway, so why not try it this time?

And the second part of the title! Cainredeemed is the username of one of my best friends on here. He’s writing something too. Go check it out! Please! He’s awesome!

Sick and Bored

I’m sick again. And bored. (Hense the title, right?) Of course, a cold isn’t exactly the bubonic plague, so I wouldn’t put me under quarentine. Two things in perticular that bring me back here: the new short story I’ve posted, with an explaination of how it came about at the begining.

The second being the new song I’ve fallen in love with: “The Clincher” by Chevelle. It works with apsolutely none of my characters (except maybe Rose if you want to stretch things) which is nice because that doesn’t happen very often. So I’m probably end up playing it to death, along with “Perfect Enemy” by T.a.T.u, another one that fits into none of my books. However, “Perfect Enemy” I heard in a cool Kingdom Hearts CoM video on youtube. I don’t remember what it was called, except that it involved Namine falling for Marluxia. Which is weird, in a way…

Chevelle is turning out to be my new favorite band as of late. “The Red” is insanely cool, because it’s so thouroughly Draven, from one of my Nightlife stories. I like that one, and I’m slowly waning through the rest to see which ones I like best.

Another song to character update: “Heir of a Dying Day” by Lacuna Coil is going to be added to the music list, as is “The Red” and “Dead Memories” by Slipknot, who I don’t usually listen to.

Quick thing to add before I say farewell, I’ve change the title from Dancing Shadows (again, yes I realize) to Black Flame, which fits better than any of the others have before. So I’m hoping this one will day the same for at least a little longer. Fire Eyes in the Dark is going back to Moonlight Reign. (dispite my previous post, I know).

One last thing, I promise: Beth Fantaskey’s Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Allison van Diepen’s Raven and, at my mother’s sugestion, Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas were great books, not exactly my favorite, because I usually don’t read about Dragomir princesses, break-dancing immortals, and short order cooks that can see ghosts  (or do I now that I think about it?), but good books nonetheless. Go check them out!

The Meaning of “Fire Eyes in the Dark”

I’ve been considering exactly what possessed me to start up a blog. I never pay attention to them, and they always end up dying out. People never read them, and I have nothing to say. Yet here I am, writing about how I have nothing to say on a blog that I have no idea why I started it.

And then comes the curious title. I’ve recently been wondering about that as well. I only have a vague impression of where “Fire Eyes in the Dark “came from, and why I chose it as a title for this. I believe it was during my Moonlight Reign phase, when I was completely enthralled by Rose and Kar’s relationship. He says to her:

“Your eyes…I’ve never noticed them before.” he whispered in her ear, his voice soft, yet thick with his pain. “My fire-eyes…so beautiful. Don’t let the shadows of this day stifle that brilliance, Rose. Keep your light burning bright.”

And that’s not the only reason. Green eyes are a theme for him in that book. You don’t know who he’s supposed to end up with because of them. Right now, I don’t perticularly know what woman he’s supposed to be with.

Right now, there’s not much going on. I’m procrastinating (again) and thinking about going to work on Logan and Dianna’s backstory, while watch the Fallen for the fifteenth time today. Then I should probably get my homework done…

Ugh. Moving on. I should probably get to work. Just checking in, and musing to myself.


I’ve been writing a little bit, to my intense relief, but haven’t really gotten an immense amount of work done. So I’ve been working on how to get from point A to point B (otherwise known as the plot) in the series, and I’ve been updating the website a bit. I changed my header, which I really like right now, as well as my pen name again. I’ve counted, this is the 5th time I’ve done so. It was first Sadde Hawke, then once I realized how much that sounded like Sadie Hawkins, I changed it to Sadde Raven, then to Sadde Morgan, after I started freaking out about the name Morgan. Then I got into Irish myths, and Morrigan Black was born. I had already had Maureen Shade set aside as something I could change my current birth name too, when I’m older and I’ve thought more about it. So, I figured, why should the two stay separate? I was debating on whether or not to loose the Morrigan with my pen name, and I was struggling to find a suitable last name for the second name. Then it clicked, and now I love it.

Watch. It two weeks I’ll change it to something else.

Besides that, I’ve been thinking about starting up the 2nd book of Divine Wars for about the twentieth time this month (which is saying something, because it’s the only the 2nd of the month). I have mentioned in the past that it’s better then the first one? Because I’m saying it again: the second Devine Wars is much much better than the first, but I have to say the first is improving, as is my writing skills. I think the Social Studies teacher at my school will be a little afraid of the complex anologies and vocabulary I put into my latest paper, but I guess that’s what gets you into a good college.

Back from the dead (so to speak)

Haha! And you thought I was dead, didn’t you? Or, if you’re like me, you could be thinking. “She thinks people won’t read this think, just is letting it die…”. Well I thought about it. A lot. I actually decided I was for a while, but then I went on some other writer girl’s blog and thought: “Huh. This is kind of cool. Weird, but cool. I’ve got to get me one of these!”

And then I recalled: Huh, I do have one of these. And came back on here. So, I’m bored out of my mind to the point of writing about by new ideas (and my revamped old ones) on here for you people to look at.

The one I’m working on now, Divine, From the Dark (otherwise known as Stripped of Darkness. I changed the title.) has so much that needs to be done, I don’t know where to start on it. So I’ve been trying to work on Divine, Retribution (otherwise known as Reclusive, the sequel. I changed that title too.) And that one is a lot harder when you really don’t know what’s going to happen in the first one, so that going quite sluggishly.

And Moonlight Reign (no title change there), is going well, much better than the other, but I’ve decided to reconstruct the first…fifty pages or so, which leads me to groan with the very thought of writing it. (Too bad, because I really want to sometimes.)

And so, with two on standby, it leaves only the Werewolf Games (the other one got scrapped pretty quickly). And the Werewolf Games is a very long story. I had an idea for a vampire book a long long time ago, but put it on standby until I got older (so I don’t screw it up, because I will if I write it now) that I called Origin. Both books, I found, could quite easily fit together. So, I decided to put them together, along with another vampire book I just thought up.

So, now, I have three series’. Divine Wars, Moonlight, and Nightlife (in order) and I’m happy with them all. Two of which, can be adapted with either new characters or old ones. Nightlife has all different main characters, but the side characters are simply old main characters. For instance, Connor, the king of the vampires (so to speak, it’s more complicated than that) is the main character in Origin, yet in Werewolf Games and The Dead Life, he’s a great side character that comes up a lot. Just like the main character, Nikolai, in The Dead Life, ended up being in The Werewolf Games and part of Origin. But in Moonlight you have completely different characters, but in the same world. Except in one, that’s basically a sequel to Moonlight Reign, picking up where the character left off twenty years earlier. But anyway, I ramble, and have taken up enough of you peoples’ time already.

Logos, Pictures and other colorful subjects

Okay. I haven’t been on in god knows how long but I have an excuse (no I don’t, but just smile and pretend I know what I’m talking about.) and lots of rants. First off, I worked on a new cover for my books. Just an idea then I’ve been working on. Nothing to serious. Might blend it into the sequel for Werewolf Games though.

Not titled. I thank all of the wonderful people at photobucket for allowing a maniac like me on the website to make these things for. And plus I have absolutely no idea where I found these (I don’t write the names down) and even if I did, I know photoshop well enough to know that I’ll never know who to thank anyway. So, if you drew one of these- whoever you are- I thank you. The girl up on the top laying backwards, she reminds me of the girl in the top left (blurry I know, but best I can do) and so, they are supposed to be the same person. Kind of. But for all normal purposes, yes, it’s the same girl. The one on the bottom left in the water is Morrigan. I stick her there after I realized that the characters could totally fit into the sequel I’m planning. (And in case you didn’t know, Morrigan was the main character in The Werewolf Games) The punk girl in the bottom right hand corner, her name is Rymona and to put it lightly she’s a bitch. But she’s a cool bitch in any case. (Happens to be my favorite character actually) The one next to her in the long dress is another girl named Valerie (But that’s not what people call her, her nickname’s Reed), and the one laying on the stars is Raven. The cool chick. The heroine (Funny how the main character isn’t the heroine.) and the guy in the upper left, his name is Chase. Or was. Or maybe still is. I haven’t decided yet. It’s up for debate.

Anyway, I was oober bored on Easter so I sat there and made this. And it’s not one of my best one’s either. No comparison to Stripped of Darkness:

Or Fable:

Or Reclusive (Which honestly needs to get editied):

Or even the first Moonlight Reign (Back when it was children of Reno):

Which also needs editing, but I guess that’s life. And keep in mind that Stripped of Darkness (Reclusive is it’s sequel) was the first one I did, while Moonlight Reign was the second. And Fable being the latest before throwing together the top one.Speaking of pictures I need to go and find some new pictures of anime characters. I’m percariously close to using the same characters more than once. (I probably already did on some of the other ones too) I sure spend enough time there, looking for more to add to my one million icons collection (I sort them into the different series’ they apply too. No dissing, Lily does it too.) Anything really to avoid writing more. I’ve hit a dead end again, and I want to work on Reclusive again like I’m supposed to be doing. And… Jeez, did I really do that bad a job of covering up Caleb’s shirt? [stares in shock] ouch. Thank god I’m not using that one anymore. Where is that anyway? I’ll have to go search my computer again… Anyway, you’ve gotten your update and I don’t feel guilty anymore. I’d better go work on elipsis (more on that later) and I’ll get back to being an idiot later.

Writer’s Block

Alright, now, I have absolutely nothing to do, seeing as I stayed home from school today (grandparents, ya know? Being the spoiled child I am.), and I have such a bad writer’s block that it’s almost making me sick. So I was sitting here and touching up the new blog, watching Tin Man and playing Dice-A-Roo on Neopets (Yeah, exactly, that’s how bored I am.) when it dawned on my that I could write my first real post on here. Plus, I might get rid of my writer’s block to boot. Two birds with one stone.

So I’m here to tell about my current projects, and what’s on my mind because, hey, what else is a blog for?

Alright, so where to start? I am currently working on three things, alternating when I get bored. The one that is my prime objective (though not the longest one as of yet) is a story called Reclusive, the sequel to Stripped of Darkness. It basically is about gods and goddesses and the world being in danger, to put it simply. It was extremely difficult to make up the history behind this story and the gods and goddesses inside of it. And sense it’s not copyrighted or published yet, I can’t post the name for fear of the damn schmucks out there who would dare to steal it. (Those crap weasels..) So that’s all I have for that one. Maybe later I’ll post my awesome makeshift cover for it.

The next one I’m working on is my favorite of the three, or at least a close second to Moonlight Reign (talked about below). It’s called the Werewolf games, a werewolf “Academy” where young werewolves are trained on how to fight properly and get along as a pack. The only problem is, it’s not really an academy at all, but a winner-takes-all gladiator battle where only one pack will survive, or none. And that doesn’t include the dark history hidden behind both the school and it’s students. And the neat thing about this story is that it came to me in a dream. One of the games, actually, and this one scene between the main character, Morrigan and her boyfriend Raymond. It’s reminds me of a conffesion when I write it, or a suicide note. She’s such a nervous wreck when she tells him her secret. 😦

Anyway, moving on, Moonlight Reign is the longest of the three, and the one with the most potential. It was originally supposed to be a stand alone but as of now, I’m not so sure. Potential like that shouldn’t be waisted like that. But.. hey, whatever. This one is about another world where a young girl stumbled upon another continent, and with it, another species all together. In fact, about a dozen other species’. In this reality, fiction, the story books: they’re all real. But humans get afraid for their survival (yeah, wouldn’t you if a whole bunch of magic-users were found in your backyard?) and set off war. And guess what? they won. The magical people- yes I have a name for them but, again, copyrights, schmucks who steal my ideas, you know- are confined to a small island in the middle of both of the territories. The remaining people could barely fit in such a confining space. So, it’s all about their rebellion and the plan to break away from the humans again. But there is an evil lurking in the shadows: Niobe, the nightmare Queen. And, of course, the one she loves like a son: Caleb and the one that she longs to be her consort…. well, I’ll let you find that out when and if it gets published.

And then there is the one project that isn’t really a project as of yet, merely research. Inspired by the awesome series by Scott Westerfield Midnighters. It’s about a group of kids who are able to go into the world of the dead and demons. And that’s all I really have as of now. Updates later, if I don’t get bored with it.

And so, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for listening to my first rant (or reading, in this case), I’m sure there’ll be plenty more where this one came from.