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I’ve been writing a little bit, to my intense relief, but haven’t really gotten an immense amount of work done. So I’ve been working on how to get from point A to point B (otherwise known as the plot) in the series, and I’ve been updating the website a bit. I changed my header, which I really like right now, as well as my pen name again. I’ve counted, this is the 5th time I’ve done so. It was first Sadde Hawke, then once I realized how much that sounded like Sadie Hawkins, I changed it to Sadde Raven, then to Sadde Morgan, after I started freaking out about the name Morgan. Then I got into Irish myths, and Morrigan Black was born. I had already had Maureen Shade set aside as something I could change my current birth name too, when I’m older and I’ve thought more about it. So, I figured, why should the two stay separate? I was debating on whether or not to loose the Morrigan with my pen name, and I was struggling to find a suitable last name for the second name. Then it clicked, and now I love it.

Watch. It two weeks I’ll change it to something else.

Besides that, I’ve been thinking about starting up the 2nd book of Divine Wars for about the twentieth time this month (which is saying something, because it’s the only the 2nd of the month). I have mentioned in the past that it’s better then the first one? Because I’m saying it again: the second Devine Wars is much much better than the first, but I have to say the first is improving, as is my writing skills. I think the Social Studies teacher at my school will be a little afraid of the complex anologies and vocabulary I put into my latest paper, but I guess that’s what gets you into a good college.

Writing Tips

I realize I’m not the most experienced writer the world has ever seen, nor the best- not even close. I shutter to think of anyone claiming that title, least of all me. But to continue on to what I was saying before. Scott Westerfield has some good writing tips on his website, as well as his wife: Justine Larbalestier, I’ve taken both to heart and actually used a lot of there idea’s to organize. Other than that, I stole a few ideas to define my characters from  Stephenie Meyer’s website, like the playlists and writing in another character’s perspective. I also really like how she set up her website, so when (And if, you can’t forget the if) my book get’s published, I’ll set up my character theme’s page as well as there bios and some extra scenes I write for fun. I doubt I’ll get any real money for my book- but it would be weird if became like, a bestseller though. Absurd to even think about.

I’m getting sidetracked. I was talking about writing tips. Well, I haven’t written very much in my enormously short lifetime, but what I have written, I have done so from start to finish. It’s a hell of a way to write, but I simply can’t skip around. In fact, I have no idea how other writers manage to do so. It would be really fun if I could, but then my ideas for the story would get changed around as I went along, and when I got there I couldn’t use anything of the peice I’d have written. No. I prefer to experience my writing in the way it was meant to be told. Maybe I simply read to much, and I’m not used to having every answer to my character’s problems. In anycase, I have a long ways to go before I can start explaining how I write. I barely know how I write. I’m still trying to figure it out.

Slow Work…

I’ve decided, though I’ve been working as much as I can lately on Devine, From the Dark I think I’ll start working more on Retribution then the former. But then again, I should probably finish book 1 before I move on to 2… It’s slow work writing a book.

Well, beside the fact that I have no desire to write right this second, I still have homework to do. Ugh. Back to the books: the confusing, dry ones, not the good ones.

Writer’s Block

Alright, now, I have absolutely nothing to do, seeing as I stayed home from school today (grandparents, ya know? Being the spoiled child I am.), and I have such a bad writer’s block that it’s almost making me sick. So I was sitting here and touching up the new blog, watching Tin Man and playing Dice-A-Roo on Neopets (Yeah, exactly, that’s how bored I am.) when it dawned on my that I could write my first real post on here. Plus, I might get rid of my writer’s block to boot. Two birds with one stone.

So I’m here to tell about my current projects, and what’s on my mind because, hey, what else is a blog for?

Alright, so where to start? I am currently working on three things, alternating when I get bored. The one that is my prime objective (though not the longest one as of yet) is a story called Reclusive, the sequel to Stripped of Darkness. It basically is about gods and goddesses and the world being in danger, to put it simply. It was extremely difficult to make up the history behind this story and the gods and goddesses inside of it. And sense it’s not copyrighted or published yet, I can’t post the name for fear of the damn schmucks out there who would dare to steal it. (Those crap weasels..) So that’s all I have for that one. Maybe later I’ll post my awesome makeshift cover for it.

The next one I’m working on is my favorite of the three, or at least a close second to Moonlight Reign (talked about below). It’s called the Werewolf games, a werewolf “Academy” where young werewolves are trained on how to fight properly and get along as a pack. The only problem is, it’s not really an academy at all, but a winner-takes-all gladiator battle where only one pack will survive, or none. And that doesn’t include the dark history hidden behind both the school and it’s students. And the neat thing about this story is that it came to me in a dream. One of the games, actually, and this one scene between the main character, Morrigan and her boyfriend Raymond. It’s reminds me of a conffesion when I write it, or a suicide note. She’s such a nervous wreck when she tells him her secret. 😦

Anyway, moving on, Moonlight Reign is the longest of the three, and the one with the most potential. It was originally supposed to be a stand alone but as of now, I’m not so sure. Potential like that shouldn’t be waisted like that. But.. hey, whatever. This one is about another world where a young girl stumbled upon another continent, and with it, another species all together. In fact, about a dozen other species’. In this reality, fiction, the story books: they’re all real. But humans get afraid for their survival (yeah, wouldn’t you if a whole bunch of magic-users were found in your backyard?) and set off war. And guess what? they won. The magical people- yes I have a name for them but, again, copyrights, schmucks who steal my ideas, you know- are confined to a small island in the middle of both of the territories. The remaining people could barely fit in such a confining space. So, it’s all about their rebellion and the plan to break away from the humans again. But there is an evil lurking in the shadows: Niobe, the nightmare Queen. And, of course, the one she loves like a son: Caleb and the one that she longs to be her consort…. well, I’ll let you find that out when and if it gets published.

And then there is the one project that isn’t really a project as of yet, merely research. Inspired by the awesome series by Scott Westerfield Midnighters. It’s about a group of kids who are able to go into the world of the dead and demons. And that’s all I really have as of now. Updates later, if I don’t get bored with it.

And so, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for listening to my first rant (or reading, in this case), I’m sure there’ll be plenty more where this one came from.