No one ever asks the right questions.

Q & A Writing

Another thing I’ve never tried before, but I figured what the hell. When and if I every get published, maybe other people could help me with this and add to it. I really don’t know how to explain it, just read it and if it sucks please tell me. 🙂

1.) Flat Characters

I hate it when my characters are flat, they suck and then the story sucks. It happens more often then not just because of pure laziness on my part. If they’re flat, in my opinion, it’s usually because you’re pushing them into a cookie-cutter mold too easily. They can seem like real flesh and blood people. If they don’t like what your making them do, they’ll usually let you know it. The easiest means for them to do this is to not tell you a damn thing. The best way to remedy this is just to open up a word document, a notebook, whatever and just let them talk. You’d be suprised what they’ll tell you, and you’ll be suprised at who ends up getting there say. Keep a certain character in mind, but also remember that it’s possible that’s not who’ll end up talking. I’ve written one of these rants intending  to be my werewolf queen but ended up as a young elven girl about something that happened 150 years later. Just yesterday I wrote one in which the main character of a new series informed me that she and another character from another series were the same person. Anything’s possible with them.

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