No one ever asks the right questions.

In Black and White

 A dancer named Salem fights to stand out in a crowd. Rogue want only to kill. Lightning wants power. Serena wants it more. Thunder wants liberation. Roxanne is a means to an end.

Sean wants only to be left alone. Lydia only wants to get by. Seperate they seem disconnected and unrelated. But they have more in common then they realize. And when the spark is rekindled between two teenage criminals, their whole world may be at stake.

In a world where insanity is heriditary, and being an orphan is deadly, not remembering one’s past can bring unwarranted enemies.

Sean Brandon Mason may seem like the innocent boy next door, but it couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Hiding from a past he can barely remember, he wades through his day just trying to be normal. But that’s not always possible. Continuous blackouts spontaneously send him into places he’d never seen, with people he doesn’t recognize, is situations he doesn’t understand. And when a young man comes looking for him toting a gun, and his blackouts start to become more and more frequent, Sean must explore the past he’s left behind to figure out what exactly he’d unwillingly gotten himself into.


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